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Patternmaster 12GA Benelli Beretta Mobile Black Goose

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Patternmaster 12GA Benelli Beretta Mobile Black Goose

SKU: 5320


CODE BLACK GOOSE tubes will extend out the end of your barrel 1½” and have an effective range out to 70 yards. The difference between the Patternmaster CODE BLACK DUCK and Patternmaster CODE BLACK GOOSE is the length the tube sticks out the barrel. (DUCK = 1” vs. GOOSE = 1½”) The added length is to accommodate a 3½” shell and still achieve a full pattern. *This tube is not to be used with slug ammunition, or ammunition that contains a wad/shot cup design as “flight control” or “in flight separation.” For best results, Ballistic Performance, LLC, recommends ammunition velocities below 1550fps. What guns will this fit? American Tactical Imports (ATI) 12ga Armsan 12ga A612 Pump Armsan 12ga A612 Semi Benelli 12ga M1 Benelli 12ga M3 Benelli 12ga M4/M4 Tactical Benelli 12ga Montefeltro (Produced prior to 2011) Benelli 12ga Nova Pump Benelli 12ga Super Black Eagle Benelli 12ga Super Nova Benelli 12ga World Class Beretta 12ga 390 Beretta 12ga 3901 Beretta 12ga 686 White Onyx Beretta 12ga 687 EELL Diamond Pigeon (King Ranch) Beretta 12ga 687 Silver Pigeon II, III, and V Beretta 12ga 687 Ultralight (Matte or Deluxe) Beretta 12ga A300 Outlander Bettinsoli 12ga X Trail Black Diamond 12g BSA 12ga Century Arms/Kahn 12ga Arthemis Century Arms/Kahn 12ga Centurion Charles Daly 12ga SxS Field II CZ USA 12ga 612, 712, 912 CZ USA 12ga Canvasback Gold CZ USA 12ga O/U (Produced since 2005) DeHaans 12ga Dickenson 12ga 212 Franchi 12ga (Made after 1999) Franchi 12ga Affinity, Compact and Sporting Franchi 12ga I-12 (Produced prior to 2014), 612, 712 Franchi 12ga Instinct L, SL O/U Franchi 12ga Intensity Gazelle 12ga Girsan MC312 Hatson 12ga Huglu 12ga Khan Arms 12ga K200 O/U Legacy Sports 12ga Threads at top V-1 Mossberg 12ga H512 Mavrick Mossberg 12ga Silver and Onyx Series Savage/Stevens 12ga 512 Savage/Stevens 12ga 512 Gold Wing Savage/Stevens 555 12ga Smith and Wesson 12ga 1000 (Current version starting in 2007, made in Turkey) Stoeger 12ga 2000 Semi Auto Stoeger 12ga M3000 Stoeger 12ga M3500 Stoeger 12ga P-350 Pump Stoeger 12ga P3500 Traditions 12ga Semi Auto AIS2100 TriStar 12ga Cobra Field Pump TriStar 12ga Hunter EX O/U TriStar 12ga Hunter Mag TriStar 12ga Phantom Field TriStar 12ga Raptor TriStar 12ga Setter SxS and O/U TriStar 12ga Viper G2 Weatherby 12ga PA 459 and SA 459 (Except Turkey Xtra Green) Weatherby 12ga SA and PA 08 (Threads at Top of Factory Choke) Webley and Scott 12ga WS800 Series

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