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Hooked on Snakeheads: Techniques and Tactics

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Join us for a seminar all about snakehead fishing with expert angler, Steve Kambouris. Steven Kambouris, also known as Kambotrout, is a well-known Snakehead angler. His YouTube channel, KamboTrout Fishing, has more hours of Northern Snakehead action and educational content than any other channel out there.

Steven regularly competes in Snakehead tournaments from Maryland to Virginia and has won and medaled in many of them. He’s also well-known for his many Snakehead seminars where he covers Snakehead biology, the gear and tactics you need to catch them, and other tips and tricks, while demonstrating them through video clips of his many fishing adventures around Delmarva.

Steven is also a co-captain of the Legion of Anglers, a community of fisherman who hold annual cleanups around Delmarva and other fishing meetup and charity events.

This seminar will cover do's and dont's of snakehead fishing, biology and orgin of this fish, tools and equipment, and laws and regulations. 

Cost to register is $25 but when you attend the seminar you will receive a $25 Molly's gift card (making the seminar
free). Those who register but do not attend will not receive a gift
card or a refund, no exceptions. Cancellations within 48 hours of the event will not be refunded. This seminar is sponsored by Frog Factory.

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