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Muddy, Matrix Cellular Trail Camera

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Muddy, Matrix Cellular Trail Camera



The new Matrix Cellular Camera delivers all the top-end features your hard-earned money demands, such as high-resolution 36MP imaging, rich 1080P full HD video with audio, and a long-reach 80-foot detection and flash range for broad area coverage of your hunting area. With the new Stealth Cam Command Pro app, you can keep in touch with the Matrix via your mobile device—anytime, anywhere and our new ON DEMAND function allows you to send a command to the camera to immediately capture photos and video of your hunting area in real time. Cellular reception can be problematic in remote areas and our new Automatic Network Coverage feature chooses the strongest Verizon or AT&T cell signal to make sure you have uninterrupted communication to your mobile device. Now you can now share your Matrix Cellular Camera with other Command Pro app users.


  • New! ON DEMAND photos and videos. A push of a button provides photo and video capture? lets you know what is happening in your hunting ground in real time.
  • New! Dual Network AT&T and Verizon carrier with preinstalled SIM cards?
  • New! Automatic Network Coverage detects which carrier has the best signal and guarantees you won't miss any detail.
  • New! You can now share your camera with other Command app users.
  • Compatible with the new Stealth Cam Command Pro app which lets you remotely monitor your cameras, download images and videos, and operate the camera through any mobile device.
  • 36MP images (36MP/8MP/4MP) for clear and high-definition photos.
  • 1080P Full HD Video with audio to hear the sounds your prey makes to let you attract more animals by replicating the different noises they produce.
  • 80ft Detection and Flash Range provides long-distance camera activation that allows you to collect more intel.
  • RUB decoration provides a detailed and natural finish that allows your camera to blend in with natural backdrops better and remain anonymous to animals.
  • 1 – 3 Photo Burst to take just one image when the camera is triggered or multiple images to capture images of fast-moving prey.
  • Time/Date/Moon Phase/Temperature/Camera Name image stamps provide the data you need to plan your most successful hunting strategy.
  • 5s – 180s Recovery Timeout provides a fast recycle after taking a photo which makes sure you do not miss opportunities to capture data about animals that pass by your camera.
  • ¼-20 threaded insert.
  • Integrated Python Lock Latch

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