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Moultrie Pro Hunter Feeder II Feeder Kit

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Moultrie Pro Hunter Feeder II Feeder Kit

SKU: MFG-13448


Our popular Pro Hunter II Feeder Kit is a great option for 360° feed casting! An adjustable internal funnel eliminates the need for additional assembly and helps keep your feed flowing freely into the wind-resistant metal spin plate.

The kit's Easy Set programmable digital timer allows you to schedule up to 10 feed times per day on specific days of the week. Feed times can be set for 1-60 seconds in duration, and you can choose from Hi/Med/Low spin cast settings. The timer's display includes a battery level indicator and feed level estimator so that you know when you need to charge/replace the battery or add more corn to the hopper.

Want to extend the battery life of your Pro Hunter II Feeder Kit? Pair it with our 6V Feeder/Micro Camera Power Panel®!

Quick-Lock technology: Easily secure your feeder kit to Moultrie's Quick-Lock hoppers - no tools required! You can also use the included Quick-Lock Adapter to attach the feeder kit to another barrel or bucket.

  • One of Moultrie's most popular feeder kits!
  • Features a metal spin plate and adjustable internal funnel for optimized feed flow
  • Easy Set programmable digital timer
  • Runs on one 6V 5ah battery (sold separately)
  • External power port for solar accessories
  • Includes Quick-Lock Adapter for use with buckets, barrels, etc.


  • Feed should be around .25 inches in diameter or smaller on its longest side. Whole, clean kernel corn is recommended. Corn mixed well with soybeans or protein pellets can be effective; however, mixing could cause clogging depending on the ratio of corn to the additive or type/brand of the additive.
  • Do not use protein pellets alone, as they will absorb moisture and swell, causing the feeder to clog. For protein pellet feeding, we recommend using one of our polymer gravity feeders, the Ranch Series Gravity Feeder, or the Ranch Series Auger Feeder/Kit.
  • Do not use mineral powders or feed containing mineral powders, as they can cause corrosion of metal parts.
  • For feeding with blends containing protein pellets and mineral powders, we recommend using one of our polymer gravity feeders.


  • Durable ABS plastic housing
  • Metal spin plate
  • 360° casting
  • Adjustable internal funnel
  • Easy Set digital timer
  • Up to 10 daily feeds (1-60 seconds)
  • Requires one 6V 5ah battery (sold separately)
  • Quick-Lock Adapter included


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