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GHG Pro-Grade Silhouette Decoys - Mourning Dove W/Stakes

by GHG
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GHG Pro-Grade Silhouette Decoys - Mourning Dove W/Stakes

SKU: 77013-DOVES


Pro Grade Silhouette Decoys: Lifelike, Durable & Versatile

Experience the next level in decoy technology with Pro Grade Silhouette Decoys – where lifelike realism meets unmatched durability. Choose the most suitable for your hunting environment: either the Mourning Dove with Clips for effortless mounting on branches and wires, or the Mourning Dove with Field Stakes for robust placement on any terrain.

Unique Features:

  1. Unparalleled Detail: Witness the artistry of lifelike precision. Our decoys boast an incredible photographic detail, capturing the nuances and intricacies of real birds, presenting a compellingly life-like appearance to lure your game.

  2. Diverse Poses: No two birds are the same. Our decoys come in 6 unique poses, offering a realistic flock impression, ensuring that you can mimic natural bird behavior effectively.

  3. Rigid Durability: Built to last. Our decoys are crafted from materials that offer both rigidity and pliability, ensuring that they stand the test of time and the harshest of conditions.

  4. Space-Efficient Design: Transport and storage made simple. Thanks to their stackable design, these decoys not only save space but also ensure tidier storage and faster deployment.

  5. Quick-Set Stakes: Robust and user-friendly. The one-piece steel stake is durable, designed to pierce through any soil type. The double-pronged base ensures stability, while the easy-grab handle ensures ease of use.

  6. Optimal Light Absorption: Say goodbye to the risk of flaring. Our matte-finish print absorbs sunlight, reducing reflections and eliminating the risk of birds getting deterred by glare.

  7. Interacting Color & Shape: Crafted to mimic real-life. The decoys have been designed with interacting color contrasts and shape positions to showcase genuine bird movement and behavior.

  8. Package Details: Each pack contains six mourning doves. Customize your pack based on your needs, choosing between clips for branch/wire mounting or field stakes.

Enhance your hunting experience with the Pro Grade Silhouette Decoys. Combining expert craftsmanship with proven technology, these decoys are the perfect companion for every dedicated hunter aiming for authenticity and effectiveness.


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