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Avian-X 7004 48" X-Stand Motion Decoy Support Stand

by Avian-X
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Avian-X 7004 48" X-Stand Motion Decoy Support Stand
SKU: 7004

Make light work of early morning setups with the X-Stand® by Avian-X. Designed with easy setup in mind, the X-Stand does its best work in frozen or hard-ground scenarios. The powder-coated, X-shaped steel units are designed for speed, durability and ease-of-use. Each X-Stand holds four decoys across a 48-inch diameter that optimizes decoy placement to cover more ground quickly. Less time setting up and picking up means more time hunting. The full kit includes six X-Stands capable of holding a total of two dozen decoys.


    Sized to fit Avian-X Full-Body Lessers, Specs, Snows, Bean, Grey Lag and Mallards
    Heavy-duty, powder-coated steel construction
    Extra durable for many seasons of use
    Does NOT fit Avian-X Full-Body Honkers

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