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Vortex LRF101 Impact 1000 yard Rangefinder

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Vortex LRF101 Impact 1000 yard Rangefinder


Description: When all you need is an intuitive platform with angle compensation–we're looking at you, bowhunters and range-day lovers–the Impact 1000 is all the rangefinder you need and then some. If things get up close and personal, range targets down to five yards out, with the ability to stretch out to 1,000 yards if need be. Lightweight and simple to operate, the Impact 1000 gets you on target fast at a price that means you can no longer justify going into the field without a laser rangefinder.

Key Features: 1,000 YARD REFLECTIVE RANGE 3 RANGING MODES: Horizontal Component Distance (HCD) Angle compensated distance to target Line of Sight (LOS) Actual line of sight range Scan Displays continuous distance readings when panning INTUITIVE DISPLAY Easy-to-use menu with a simple, clean display

WHAT’S IN THE BOX: Case Lens Cloth Battery Ballistic Cheater Card Rangefinder Strap Product Manual

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