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The Real Decoy 3000, The Natural Swimmer Mallard Drake Flocked Head

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The Real Decoy 3000, The Natural Swimmer Mallard Drake Flocked Head

The Natural is the next generation of surface motion. Featuring our max flow keel designed to optimize speed and battery use and the molded back hatch for easy field access. We’ve utilized our 30 plus years of building and optimizing surface motion to create a whole new level of experience for Waterfowl hunters. The Natural, it’s truly a game changer! A low voltage, high torque, waterproof motor propels THE REAL DeCOY® Swimmer at a life-like speed for up to 5 hours using two high quality ""D"" cell alkaline or rechargeable batteries. The motor and propeller are located in the keel of the decoy. This deadens motor noise when in water.

? Exceptional wake motion and speed with our MAX-FLOWTM Keel
? Product developed in partnership with Fold’em Gear
? An exceptionally detailed body carved by award-winning artist Steven Fland
? Removable weed guard
? Extremely quiet
? Runs up to 5 hours on two ‘D’ alkaline or rechargeable batteries
? Industrial-grade, watertight components
? Quick setup - ready to go in seconds

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