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Plano, EDGE Micro Jig Utility Box

by Plano
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Plano, EDGE Micro Jig Utility Box SKU: PLASE341 PRODUCT DETAILS Perfect for ice fishing or quick trips to your favorite open-water fishin' hole, the Plano® EDGE Micro Jig Utility Box keeps your tackle easily organized and accessible. A Jig Guard System protects your hooks and heads, while multi-level storage packs a ton of space into a small footprint. Rustrictor and Water Wick protection inhibits rust and corrosion so your gear stays in top condition. This Plano box boasts Dri-Loc seals to keep out moisture, and EZ Label identification lets you label contents easily. The Plano EDGE Micro Jig Utility Box comes with a carabiner so it's easy to snap onto a fishing vest, backpack, or tackle bag. 7"L x 4"W x 1.75"H. Jig Guard System protects hooks and jigheads Multi-level design provides ample storage in a compact space Rust- and corrosion-resistant Rustrictor and Water Wick Dri-Loc seals block moisture EZ Label identification Includes a carabiner

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