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Muck Boot Men's Mossy Oak® Country DNA™ Muckster Lite EVA Clog

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Muck Boot Men's Mossy Oak® Country DNA™ Muckster Lite EVA Clog




Introducing an innovative one-piece clog from The Original Muck Boot Co. Inspired by our beloved Muckster collection, the Muckster Lite Clog is 50% lighter, offers independently verified SRC rated slip-resistant traction and provides excellent support and comfort for all-day wear. The Muckster Lite Clog is built from a high-performance, lightweight foam called Bio Lite which is ultra-durable and easy to clean. The upper features side ventilation holes for breathability and drainage for water and debris. The entire clog is constructed from Bio Lite which is eco-friendlier than many other injection molded foams in the market. Bio Lite has been granted a Green Leaf certificate by Intertek, an accredited independent 3rd party testing facility, verifying that this product will properly biodegrade in bioreactor landfills. Landfill biodegradation validated utilizing the ASTM D5511-18 test method, ISO 15985. The Muckster Lite offers a lighter footprint for your feet and the planet.



• 100% Water-Friendly, 100% MUCKPROOF

• Featuring Mossy Oak® Country DNA™ Camouflage

• Lightweight and Easy to Slip On/Off

• One Piece EVA

• Textured Insole for Comfort, Grip and Support

• Breathable Side Ports for Water Drainage and Comfort

• Easy-to-Clean/Hand Washable/Quick Drying Material

• Eco-friendlier Bio Lite Outsole is Lightweight, Durable, and Provides SRC Rated Slip-Resistance.

• Note: Due to the nature of the Mossy Oak® Country DNA™ pattern, each pair of Muckster Lite Clogs featuring this camouflage will be unique and product images used are representative of the overall style.

• Landfill Bio-Degradation Validated Utilizing the ASTM D5511-18 Test Method, ISO 15985

• SRC Rated for Excellent Multi-Surface Traction

• ASTM D5511-18 / ISO 15985-14

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