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ScentLok Men's Savanna Aero Quickstrike Cover

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ScentLok Men's Savanna Aero Quickstrike Cover

SKU: 1016126-238


The ScentLok Savanna Aero Quickstrike Coverall is the ultimate outerwear for early-season bowhunters and anyone else facing the unique challenges of warm-weather hunting. Lightweight fabrics and a moisture-wicking treatment work together to keep hunters cool, dry, and comfortable while the one-piece design with built-in hood, facemask and safety harness opening delivers the best in scent containment. Inside, proven-deadly Carbon Alloy® technology adsorbs odors and locks them away, while an additional antimicrobial treatment helps prevent new odors from forming. Outside, a no-sheen fabric combines with one of two available camo patterns to afford effective concealment in any terrain.


  • Carbon Alloy® technology for maximum odor adsorption & scent control
  • Moisture wicking keeps you cool & dry
  • Antimicrobial treatment for maximum odor prevention
  • One-piece design with a built-in facemask for maximum odor containment
  • Lightweight fabrics prevent overheating
  • No sheen fabric helps reduce visibility in the field
  • Self-packing built-in hanger pocket for easy storage
  • Safety harness opening allows Carbon AlloyTM to control odors on the harness
  • Hooded design with a built-in facemask for added versatility
  • Built-in belt provides a secure, comfortable fit
  • Two-way front zipper delivers easy dressing in the field
  • Four-pocket design (2 waists, 1 thigh cargo, 1 chest) for ample storage and quick accessibility

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