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Leupold 171772, Mark 5HD 5-25x56 (35mm) M5C3 FFP TMR

by Leupold
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Leupold 171772, Mark 5HD 5-25x56 (35mm) M5C3 FFP TMR

SKU: 171772

UPC: 030317012908

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Designed for long-range shooters who are out in the field from dawn to dusk, the matte black Leopold 5-25x56 Mark 5HD M5C3 Riflescope features their proprietary Twilight Max Light Management System and Custom Dial System (CDS) turrets to improve performance and shot accuracy. The combination of oversized objective lens and Twilight Max Light Management System improve light gathering and transmission throughout the entire visible spectrum—enhancing reds and blues at the spectral edges, while also providing shooters with an ability to see deep into the shadows that come out with the dawn and at twilight. Complementing these features is an exceptional zoom range that gives them the option of engaging targets at closer range at 5x, or to scan wide areas for game, with the ability to dial up the magnification to 25x for positive identification of even small targets at extreme long range. The heart of the riflescope is the CDS turrets that allow you to get custom-set dials matched to your specific ballistics for different ranges so you can quickly and confidently dial in on your target at a variety of distances without guesswork. An M5C3 ZeroLock dial on the elevation turret provides up to three rotations of turret travel for those long shots, with the ability to quickly and easily return to zero after shooting for faster recovery and readjustment. Designed to withstand the rigors of the hunt, the 5HD M5C3 is built with a robust 35mm one-piece maintube made of lightweight and durable aluminum. Leupold utilizes a proprietary mix of inert argon and krypton gases to fill the housing to make it waterproof and resistant to internal fogging in extreme weather conditions and temperatures. An integrated throw lever on the zoom collar makes it easy to set the precise magnification even while wearing gloves. For added convenience and protection, the scope comes with front and rear flip-up covers that allow you to keep the lenses covered while giving you the ability to react quickly when targets present themselves unexpectedly.

Optical Performance

• Broad 5-25x zoom magnification range allows users to scan landscape on low power, then increase power for close-up observation and identification of distant subjects

• Large 56mm objective is optimized for long-range and low-light use, ensuring views remain bright and clear, even when observing subjects at extreme long range on high magnification

• Twilight Max HD Light Management System employs index-matched multi-coatings that complement the optical glass to ensure maximum light transmission across the entire visual spectrum, especially the upper blue/violet range, to enhance low-light performance

• Protective exterior lens coatings resist scratches and abrasions, like from wind-driven sand

• Field of View: 20.4-foot field of view at 100 yards on 5x power, 4.2 feet at 25x

Reticle Details

• First focal plane placement maintains reticle subtensions and relative size to the view at all magnifications

• Tactical Milling Reticle (TMR)

• Modified crosshair design for estimating the range to and size of a target

• Hash marks set at 1 MIL spacing with 0.5 MIL stadia between

• Use Hash marks and stadia for windage and hold-over

• Not for any specific caliber

Turret Details

• 0.1 MIL impact point correction

• 17.5 MIL windage adjustment range

• Wide 34.9 MIL elevation adjustment range, with three turret rotations of travel, is optimized for extreme long-range shooting

• Custom Dial System (CDS) on elevation turret allows user to quickly change the elevation to different preset ranges based on their specific ballistics information; available for free from Leupold after purchase

• M5C3 ZeroLock elevation and windage dials, with turret revolution indicators, enable fast and easy return to zero after shooting for faster recovery and readjustment from the zero start position

• Side parallax adjustment turret is easy to use from virtually any shooting stance or position

Use and Handling

• Ergonomic zoom throw lever provides easier magnification adjustments, especially in cold and wet weather or while wearing gloves

• Fast-focus reticle produces sharp focus when changing from mid to long range

• Long 3.6-3.8" eye relief provides a generous eye box for comfortable use and mounting placement flexibility

• Extra-wide 11.2mm exit pupil at 5x, 2.2mm at 25x

Construction Details

• Large-diameter 35mm single-piece maintube

• Lightweight and strong aluminum housing

• Matte black anodized finish reduces glare and blends with all environments

• Proprietary inert argon-krypton gas mixture injected into housing to make the riflescope waterproof and resistant to internal fogging in extreme conditions

• Flip-back lens covers protect the front and back lenses while providing fast reaction times when targets present themselves unexpectedly


• Magnification 5 to 25x

• Objective Lens Diameter 56 mm

• Field of View 5x: 20.4' @ 100 yd / 6.8 m @ 100 m

• 25x: 4.2' @ 100 yd / 1.4 m @ 100 m

• Exit Pupil Diameter 5x: 11.2 mm • 25x: 2.2 mm

• Eye Relief 3.6 to 3.8" / 9.1 to 9.7 cm


• Reticle Type TMR Reticle (First Focal Plane)

• Illumination Non-Illuminated


• Impact Point Correction 0.1 MIL per Click

• Windage Adjustment 17 MIL

• Elevation Adjustment 35 MIL

• Parallax Correction Yes


• Water Resistance Waterproof

• Fogproof Yes, Argon/Krypton Filled


• Maintube Diameter 35 mm

• Battery None

• Material Aluminum

• Dimensions Length: 15.7" / 39.8 cm

• Weight 30 oz / 850 g

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