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Double Bull SurroundView Max Truth Camo, Box

by Primos
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Double Bull SurroundView Max Truth Camo, Box

SKU: 65163

Primos brought you the Original Blind Without A Blind Spot with one-way-see-through technology. Now, the Double Bull SurroundView Max offers all that and more, starting with a full 180° one-way see-through view, plus a built-in sun visor to maintain maximum vision when the sun is at its lowest at sunrise or sunset. We’ve also added a more versatile door with zipper or bungee closures for quieter entry and exit. Stay hidden and take your field of vision to the max with the SurroundView Max! How Does SurroundView Work? Thousands of very small holes dot the fabric. On the outside, the camo print and natural light force human and animal eyes to focus on the camo, making the holes "invisible." On the inside the black print and darkened interior allow your eyes to focus through the holes for a clear view of the outside 180° of SurroundView one-way see-through viewing capability Sun Visor for maximum vision when sun is low at sunrise or sunset Triangle door with zipper and bungee for quieter option for entry and exit 180° Full front window with silent slide window closures Hub to Hub: 70”; Height: 67”; Floor Space: 56”x 56” Limited Lifetime Warranty

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