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Boss Buck BB-1.80, ATV-Truck Seeder/Spreader 80lb With Remote & Receiver

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Boss Buck BB-1.80, ATV-Truck Seeder/Spreader 80lb With Remote & Receiver

SKU: BB-1.80


Spread feed anywhere your truck or ATV will go with this Boss Buck spreader. Complete with wireless remote and 2" Receiver Mount. After using salt in your spreader, you should flush the hopper out with water and then dry it. This will help prevent corrosion from the salt material. Also, after flushing the unit, run the motor to help remove any water in or near the motor that you might have not been able to dry. Also adding a few drops of oil to the motor shaft will help prolong the motor life. Note: This unit can run off a 12v battery when using the remote control, or it can plug in to your trailer lights plug and run when you turn your lights on or off. Currently, you can not use the trailer light plug for power and use the remote control.


+ UV stabilized rubber latch

+ 4-Prong Tail Light Adapter Included

+ Wireless Remote Receiver Included

+ Adjustable Feed Flow Valve

+ 2-pc Receiver Hitch

+ Spread food plot mix

+ Quickly spread fertilizer

+ Salt your driveway (Large Salt)

+ Spread grass seed

+ Corn Senderos and Trails Salt

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