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Axil XP Defender Earplugs - Blue

by Axil
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Axil XP Defender Earplugs - Blue SKU:XPD-BM/L All ear plugs are non-returnable. Details XP Defender Ear Plugs offers you one of the most innovative ear plug solutions yet. Simply insert these little ear plugs in your ears then decide which mode you want to be in: First, leave the valve open- you’ll hear sound clearly and naturally- almost seems as if your ears aren’t even plugged. Then when loud sounds hit your ears, the Dynamic Mesh Filtering System™ will automatically screen those sounds out protecting your hearing. Second, simply close the valve for total hearing protection. These are small, handy and can go anywhere with you, so you always have hearing protection when you need it without blocking off all your hearing. Features Perfect for Outdoor and Indoor Activities of All Types, Snoring, Sleeping, Fitness, Cycling, Hiking, Stadium Events, Tactical, Auto Racing, Shooting, Hunting, Concerts, Musicians, Night Clubs, Industrial, Construction, Motorcycling, General Conversation, TV and more. PERFECT FOR EVERYONE WHO WANTS EARPLUGS TO HEAR NORMAL SOUND WHILE BLOCKING OUT DAMAGING LOUD SOUND AT THE SAME TIME™ & HAVE THE ABILITY TO SWITCH OFF ALL SOUNDS PROVIDES 18 DB SNR IN THE CLOSED POSITION PROVIDES 10 DB SNR IN THE OPEN POSITION TOGGLE SWITCH ALLOWS YOU TO GO TO AN OPEN POSITION TO HEAR AND PROTECT AT THE SAME TIME OR SWITCH TO A CLOSED POSITION FOR FULL HEARING PROTECTION. PROTECTIVE TIPS ARE MADE WITH NON-ALLERGENIC, ULTRA SOFT EVA MATERIAL FILTER CASING IS MADE WITH ABS, NON-ALLERGENIC MATERIAL WASHABLE & REUSABLE Specifications Switch easily between Open and Closed Position to hear & protect at the same time or just shut out all sounds for total hearing protection. Choose your perfect fit from Small, Medium, Large, or Extra Large tips. Standard order comes with two sets of tips in Medium and Large as most people use these two sizes. Select Small or Extra Large when needed. Read more on our XP Defender Switch™ Technology. Performance 10 DB SNR HEARING PROTECTION AGAINST GENERAL LOUD SOUNDS IN OPEN POSITION 18 DB SNR HEARING PROTECTION IN CLOSED POSITION ADDITIONAL FILTERS AVAILABLE FOR SPECIFIC APPLICATIONS READ MORE HERE Performance Fit NON-ALLERGENIC, ULTRA-SOFT EVA MATERIAL AND DESIGN GIVES YOU THE RIGHT FIT ABS, NON-ALLERGENIC MATERIAL IS USED FOR SOUND FILTERS 1 PAIR MEDIUM & 1 PAIR LARGE TIPS COME STANDARD WITH EVERY ORDER. SMALL & EXTRA LARGE TIPS AVAILABLE UPON ORDERING OR AFTERWARDS. Additional Features CANISTER CASE EASY START INSTRUCTION MANUAL LANYARD (OPTIONAL) EXTRA TIPS AVAILABLE (OPTIONAL)

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