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Michael in Molly's Place Fishing Loft

Meet Our Fishing Expert Michael Fiore!

At Molly's Place, we hold our staff members in high regard. Every individual on our team contributes their own distinct expertise. Let's introduce you to Michael Fiore! Michael has been a valued member of Molly's Place since last year, and you might have come across him in the fishing loft. We had a conversation with Mike to delve into his knowledge and his deep love for fishing.

What is your favorite thing about fishing?

"Being out on the water has allowed me to get away from the stress and worries of life. When friends or family tag along it is a great bonding experience even if we do not catch anything. I grew up hunting and fishing, so it is something that has become my passion".

 Michael holding a small mouth bass

What guidance might you offer to beginners who are curious about fishing?

"Buy any fishing equipment that you can afford. Do not feel pressured to buy expensive equipment when you are starting out and you do not need expensive equipment to enjoy fishing. We offer fishing seminars to our customers to teach them the basics of fishing, especially for those who have limited time to go fishing. Any information that allows customers to feel more confident on the water is a plus for me".

What makes being a part of Molly's Family so special to you?

"Being here at Molly’s Place has allowed me to have my hands in different areas. From selling ammunition, firearms, and fishing equipment to ordering merchandise for the store. The atmosphere and the people that work here are my favorite parts about working at Molly’s".


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